Pool Season is Closer than you think! Is your pool safely prepared?

Are you looking forward to enjoying your pool this summer?  Whether you are preparing to open your pool for the season or getting ready for that new pool you’ve always wanted to be installed, it is important that you think about hiring the right electrician for the job. Electrical pool wiring done by a licensed electrician can ensure safety for you and your family. It also allows you to be able to enjoy your pool without the worries of faulty wiring.  Faulty wiring can cause damage to your pool, but also to those enjoying it. A licensed electrician, who also has expertise in pool wiring, will ensure safe grounding and bonding of the pool and surrounding components. Without safe grounding and bonding, a simple summer lightning storm or unknown adjacent faulty wiring could result in electrocution, and/or other hazards. Faulty wiring in the pool’s lighting fixtures can also be dangerous.Ifwater is able to get into the lightsandthe pool is not GFCI protected,this can cause another hazardous outcome. Licensedelectricians know the safety concerns andare well versed in the National Electrical Code (NEC). A licensed electrician will have the understanding of the electrical components within the sub-panel, pump, lighting and GFCI outlets, which will allow for the pool to work at its highest capacity and give you the peace and safety that you and your family deserve.   

If you need a qualified licensed electrician to for your upcoming pool needs,  or have and questions regarding pool safety and electricity, please contact Anthony Gazzaniga, Master Electrician.  

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